40 Recipes using Green Garlic

If you sight this amazing vegetable in market, it would mean that winter has arrived! Garlic is a common spice we use, however green garlic is immature garlic plant often harvested with immature bulb. Similar to spring onions, green garlic has leafy green stalks with immature garlic bulb.

green garlic

Green garlic is often consumed for its mild flavours of traditional garlic without much of spiciness while having similar nutrient composition of garlic. Allicin, the active ingredient in garlic which has amazing antioxidant properties is present in green garlic. In case you are not aware, green garlic has very impressive health benefits including its ability to strengthen immunity, protect heart & blood circulatory system, help digestion, and prevent cancer.

Green garlic is harvested only for few weeks and it is important to enjoy this seasonal food. Green garlic is also versatile when it comes to ways of consuming this food ingredient. While cooking green garlic, often the fibrous roots are removed, a layer of skin over bulb and lower stem. White bulbs, lower stem and green leaves are also separately used as per the recipe requirement. It forms part of many soups and stir fries, or used for garnishing or toppings.

Green garlic is known as Hara lahsun (Hindi), Lila lasan (Gujarati), Saai thoom (Sindhi), Hirve lehsun (Marathi), jyllang (khasi), maroi nakuppi (Manipuri)

There are multiple ways you can enjoy cooking this flavorful and time-sensitive herb. Some of them are given below:

Maroi Nakuppi Thongba

Maroi Nakuppi Thongba : Stir fired green garlic

Maroi nakuppi bora

Maroi nakuppi bora : Green garlic fritters

lasun patiche ayte

Lahsan ka cheela : Green garlic pancake

kaju lasan nu shaak

Kaju lasan nu shaak : Creamy curry with green garlic flavours

lasooni bajra kadhi

Lasooni Bajra Kadhi : Curd curry with millet and green garlic

lila lasan ni kadhi

Lila lasan ni kadhi : Curd gram curry

thoom ware chawar

Thoom ware Chawar: Green garlic pilau

sai thoom jour ja dodo

Sai Thoom Juar Jo Dodo : Green garlic and millet flatbread

hare lehsun aur mirch ka achar

Hare lehsun aur mirch ka aachar : Hot green garlic pickle

jadoh Jyllang

Jadoh Jyllang : Rice with local herbs

olya lasanachi chutney

Olya lasanachi chutney : Green Garlic dip

naga lasun chutney

Naga Lasun Chutney : Garlic dip

Hawaitharak Uti

Hawaitharak Uti : Green peas curry

rasun kalir charchari

Rasun kalir charchari : Stir fried green garlic chives

hare lassan ki khichdi

Hare lassan ki Khichdi : Green garlic cooked with rice and green gram

lasaniya masala khichdi

Lasaniya masala khichdi : Spicy rice and lentil mix

lila lasan ni daal

Lila lasan ni daal : Lentil curry with green garlic

lila lasan nu shaak

Lila Lasan nu shaak : Stir fried green garlic

hare lahsan ke pakode

Hare lahsan ke pakode : Green garlic fritters

Kubhaniya Bhajia

Kubhaniya Bhajia : Fried green garlic fritters

sai thoom ja phulka

Sai thoom ja phulka : Green garlic stuffed flatbread

Sai Thoom wara Bhea

Sai Thoom wara Bhea : Stir fried lotus stem and green garlic

lasun patiche ayte

Lasun patiche ayte : Rice crepe spiced with green garlic

hirya lasnacha thecha

Lasnachya paticha thecha : Green garlic dip

lasnicha pithla

Lasnicha Pithla : Gram curry with green garlic

lilva no bhaat

Lilva no bhaat : Spiced rice with green beans

lasan nu kachu

Lila Lasan nu kachu : Green Garlic and potato mash

hare lehsun ka achar

Hare lehsun ka achar : Green garlic pickle

bajhri jo dhodho

Bajhri jo Dhodho: Pearl millet flatbread

hare lehsan ke daal

Hare Lehsan ki dal : Lentil curry with green garlic

hare lehsan ka chokha

Hare Lehsun ka Chokha : Potato and green garlic salad

hare lehsan ki sabji

Hare Lehsan ki sabji : Stir fried garlic greens

pisyun lon

Pisyun Lon : Green garlic flavoured salt

Lasaniya Rotla

Lasaniya Rotla : Green garlic millet flatbread

bajri na chamchamiya

Bajri Na Chamchamiya : Millet pancake

usoi mangan uti

Usoi mangan uti : Peas and Bamboo shoots curry

manipuri khichri

Manipuri Khechi : Rice and lentil cooked together with local herbs

surati undhiyu

Surati Undhiyu : Gujarati mixed vegetable dish


Redu : Green garlic cooked in curd

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