28 recipes around different ways of consuming Raw Turmeric

Fresh raw turmeric is a bright root of the plan which is edible and has amazing medicinal properties. This root / rhizome when processed, dried and powdered is available in form which we commonly use – turmeric powder. Turmeric plant takes around 7-9 months for full growth and generally harvested around September – November and hence very seasonal.

raw turmeric

Consumption of Kachi haldi / raw turmeric in our diet adds much needed health benefits. There are number of ways in which raw turmerica can be part of our food recipes. Some examples are listed below:

  1. Olya haldiche lonche : Simple pickle made from raw turmeric
olya haldiche lonche

2. Kachi haldi ka achar : Fresh turmeric pickle

kachi haldi ka achar

3. Haldi adrak ka achaar : Raw Turmeric & Ginger pickle

haldi adrak ka achar

4. Manjal Inji Oorugai : Turmeric and Ginger pickle

Manjal Inji Oorugai

5. Kachi Haldi ki Chutney : Chutney made from fresh raw turmeric rhizome in North India

kachi haldi ki chutney

6. Hasi arisinada gojju : Sauce made from raw turmeric in Karnataka

raw turmeric gojju

7. Oli Halad Chutney : Chutney made from fresh raw turmeric in Maharashtra


8. Manjal Thokku : Spicy raw turmeric dip

manjal thokku

9. Kecha Holdira chatni : Raw turmeric chutney

Kecha Holdira chatni

10. Haldi nu shaak : Dry preparation of vegetables and grated turmeric in Gujarati style.

Haldi nu shaak

11. Kachi haldi ki sabji : Simple yogurt based curry using fresh turmeric root

kachi haldi ki sabji

12. Kachi haldi ka halwa : Sweet pudding using raw turmeric

Haldi Ka Halwa | Haldi Ka Halwa Recipe | How to Make Haldi Ka Halwa Recipe

13. Hasi arishinada sajjige :Semolina porridge with raw turmeric

Hasi arishinada sajjige

14. Kachi haldi ke ladoo : Sweet balls made from raw turmeric, jaggery and nuts

kachi haldi ke ladoo

15. Kachi haldi ki panjeri : Mixture of raw turmeric powder in roasted gram flour, sweetened by sugar powder

kachi haldi ki panjeri

16. Kachi haldi ki barfi : Sugar syruped raw turmeric cakes.

kachi haldi ki barfi

17. Kachi haldi ka ras : Fresh antioxidant juice made from raw turmeric and carrots

kachi haldi ka juice

18. Kachi Haldi ka kadha: Immunity booster turmeric drink

kachi haldi ka kadha

19. Manjal Milagu Inji Kashayam : Herbal drink with raw turmeric, ginger and pepper

Manjal Milagu Inji Kashayam

20. Kandhamal Kachi Haldi doodh : Golden milk

turmeric milk

21. Manjal Milagu Paal : Turmeric pepper milk

manjal milagu paal

22. Manjal Sambhar : Lentil curry with raw turmeric

Manjal Sambar

23. Pacchai Manjal Sadam : Spiced rice with flavours of raw turmeric

pacchai mangal sadam

24. Manjal Pongal : Turmeric spiced rice lentil combo

manjal pongal

25. Manjal Inji Moru Kuzhambu : Turmeric ginger yogurt curry

Manjal Inji Mor Kuzhambu

26. Pasu Manjal Dosai : Raw turmeric dosa

pasu manjal dosa

27. Pachi Pasupu Pulusu: Spicy raw turmeric curry from Andhra

pachi pasupu pulusu

28. Pachi Paspu Besaru: Raw turmeric spice curry

Pachi Paspu Besaru

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