32 recipes using Makhana or Foxnuts

Makhana or foxnuts is picking up as healthy snack food. This is liked by people of all age from young to old. Young people experiment with various flavors to use it as alternative to popcorn. Many people also use it as a fasting food. You may keep bumping up with this super food in supermarkets.


Makhanas are also called foxnut or lotus seeds. Yes, not many of us are aware that they are part of lotus flower. In India, most makhana are produced in state of Bihar. Makhana farming and harvest is very tedious process.

Makhana has been known for its health benefits in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. They are highly nutritious, full of protein, minerals and vitamins, probably why is it is very popular fasting or snacking food. Some of the health benefits of Makhana includes its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce impact of aging. They help to keep heart healthy, control diabetes and reduce weight.

Lets learn some exciting ways of using makhana in our food items and make delicious recipes. Below are 32 recipes using foxnut or makhana:

  1. Methi Makhana Pulao: Fragrant rice with fenugreek leaves and makhana
methi makhana pulao

2. Kaju Makhana Curry : Foxnut and cashewnut curry

kaju makhana curry

3. Khoya Matar Makhana : Foxnut, peas curry with dried milk

Khoya matar makhana

4. Makhana Namkeen : Sweet and savory Foxnut snack

makhana namkeen

5. Chana dal Makhana : Makhan and split chickpea curry

chana dal makhana

6. Maiha Makhana : Makhana and baby gourd gravy

maiha makhana

7. Makhana Panjiri : Sweet delicacy from foxnut flour

makhana panjiri

8. Makhana Salad : Foxnut salad

makhana salad

9. Makhana Chivda : Makhana snack

makhana chivda

10. Makhana Phirni : Foxnut pudding

makhana phirni

11. Makhana Ladoo : Sweet foxnut balls

makhana ladoo

12. Makhana bhaji : Foxnut in spicy gravy

makhana bhaji

13. Makhana Cutlet : Foxnut patties

makhana cutlet

14. Aloo Makhana Kadhi : Curd curry for fasting

aloo makhana kadhi

15. Makhana chikki : Foxnut sweet brittle

makhana chikki

16. Makhana halwa : Foxnut flour porridge

makhana halwa

17. Dahi Makhana Chaat : Street food from potatoes and makhana

dahi makhana chaat

18. Paneer Makhana Curry : Cottage cheese and foxnut spice curry

paneer makhana curry

19. Aloo Makhana : Fasting recipe from potatoes and foxnuts

Aloo makhana

20. Makhana Bhel : Savoury foxnut snack

makhana bhel

21. Makhana Upma : Savory foxnut porridge

makhana upma

22. Makhana Aloo Tikki : Foxnut and mashed potato patties

makhana aloo tikki

23. Makhana Barfi : Foxnut and Almond fudge

makhana barfi

24. Makhana Pulao : Rice pilaf with makhana

makhana pulao

25. Makhana Kheer : Pudding made from foxnuts

makhana kheer

26. Makhana Paratha : Foxnut flour flatbread

makhana paratha

27. Palak Makhana : Spinach curry with puffed foxnut seeds

palak makhana

28. Matar Makhana Curry : Peas and puffed foxnuts in spicy gravy

29. Makhana Dosa : Crepes from Makhana flour

makhana dosa

30. Makhana Mithadi : Dessert made with lotus seeds

makhana mithadi

31. Makhana Raita : Spicy curd with roasted lotus seeds

Makhana Raita

32. Dal Makhani : Spicy lentil preparation

dal makhani

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