12 recipes using Mogri

Fruit pods of radish / mooli varieties are quite edible and delicious. These are called Radish pods, Mogro, Mungori, Mongri, sogri, sungra, singri and mungra. They are often confused for French beans.

These pods have distinct pungent flavor and crunch and often eaten raw, in salads or stir fries. Over cooking reduces their crunch and hence avoided. They are available in various shape, sizes and colour. Green and purple mogri varieties are popular. Purple variety or known by madras radish, rattail radish pods, lila mogri appears quite exotic.

Mogri is very seasonal vegetable. It is generally available only during winter. Hence you may not find this throughout the year. Make best use of this vegetable during the short period of its availability.

Mogri is rich in vitamins and minerals and overs a lot of health benefits. Learn few healthy recipes using Mogri / moongra here :

  1. Mogri Raita : Quick dahi based raita using purple mogri
mogri raita

2. Mogri nu shaak : Gujarati way of making stir fried purple radish pods

mogri nu shaak

3. Mogri Peru Nu Kachumber : Salad of radish pods along with guava

mogri peru nu kachumber

4. Mogri Salad: Purple radish pod salad

mogri salad

5. Mogri ki sabji : Simple stir fried green radish pods

mogri ki sabji

6. Mogri ki kadhi: Spicy curd curry with radish pods

mogri ki kadhi

7. Mogri ka achar: Pickled radish pods

mogri ka achar1

8. Mogri Aloo ki sabji : Stir fried radish pods with potatoes

mogri aloo ki sabji

9. Badi mogri ki sabzi : Radish pods with dried lentils

mogri mangodi ki sabzi

10. Gajar Mogri Mooli Mirch Ka Achar : Mix vegetable pickle

gajar mogri mooli mirch ka achar

11. Besan Mogri : Spicy radish pods curry

besan wali mogri

12. Mongre da paratha: Punjabi Radish pod stuffed flatbread

mongre da parathe

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