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Who discovered recipe of Idli?

India has so much of traditional recipes that it is difficult to trace rightful owner of a recipe. Recipes18 portal genesis is to aggregate these traditional recipes from multiple food bloggers for benefit of future generation. Each state of India have rich culture of food based on climate and cultivation in their region. Our vision is to aggregate over 10000+ Indian traditional recipes across states/regions.

In the process, we face one big question. Are we plagiarist?

Each recipe has three key components.

  1. Ingredients
  2. Process of making
  3. How does the recipe look – photo

Majority of copyright laws including US does not cover names, title, short phrases or Listings (such as ingredients, recipes, labels, or formulas) and are considered exception to copyright. We try to add value in terms of adding regional / common names to ingredients and standardizing measures.

While Listings of ingredients in recipes are exempted from copyrights, though the directions can be copyrighted. Directions on this portal are simplified/ summarized/ modified version of original source. Anyone making Idli, while 99% make it in same/similar fashion. We do not indulge in tips/notes based on personal experience. We place link of the source from which recipe idea has been sourced and our readers refer to these orginal owner pages for detailed step by step instructions.

Our policy with respect to photographs is very clear. Photographs are copyright of their owners. However we use representational thumbnails on our category/listing pages. No images of the recipe are displayed on the recipe page. Idea is to force a reader to visit the recipe idea source for recipe photos. Our thumbnails are cropped small web optimized portion (less than 50kb) of the recipe idea owner photograph. Similarly thumbnails on server are not allowed to be indexed by search engines. We feel this use of thumbnail without permission of the photograph owner is fair and should stand test of Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act which provides that fair use of a copyrighted work and other similar copyright acts in India and other countries. In case if owner still feels their photos to be removed, we have respected their requests.

Wealth of Indian traditional recipes is enormous and no single food blogger can do justice. As an aggregator we add value creating online repository which generations can refer.  

To sustain this project, we use Google Adsense for advertising.

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