Naga Lasun Chutney

Naga lasun is locally grown organic green garlic in Nagaland. It has pungency just like garlic with more freshness. It blends well with Naga king chilli to make chutney.


  • Salt
  • 10 Green chilly / mircha
  • 2 Tomato, cut into halves
  • Naga Lasun, cleaned, discard leaves and use tender cloves
  • Axone / Akhuni


  1. Dry roast green chillies and tomatoes till tomatoes appear soft and bit charred.
  2. Using mortar, coarsely grind tomatoes, chillies, salt and a piece of axone.
  3. Add naga lasun and mix well.
  4. Naga Lasun chutney is ready to be served as side dish

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