Til Pitha

Til Pitha is an Assamese Pitha Recipe, which is made by using Sesame seeds, Jaggery and Rice flour.


  • 200 grams Til / Sesame seeds – Black
  • 2 kilograms Bora Pitha Guri or Bora Rice Flour
  • 700 grams Jaggery or Gur


  1. Mash the Sesame seeds and make it very pulpy. Mix it thoroughly with Jaggery.
  2. Set fire and put a non-stick pan on it. Take some Pitha Guri on a utensil {not more than 10 gm}. Now gently spared it on the pan.
  3. Insert some Gur-Til mixture over it.
  4. Roll it and put off from the pan.
  5. Til Pitha is ready now.

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