Madurai jigarthanda

Jigarthanda is a cold beverage that originated in the South Indian city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. It translates to “cool heart” in English. It is generally prepared and served at roadside stalls as a refreshment during the Indian summer.


  • Milk
  • Almond gum / kadal paasi / Jelly
  • Nannari sharbat / sarsaparilla root syrup
  • Sugar
  • Ice-cream


  1. Boil and reduce milk to thick basundi. Remove and refrigerate.
  2. Boil Sago / javvarisi along with some milk. Allow to cook.
  3. Make jelly and icecream separately.
  4. Make nannaari - syrup made from indian sarsaparilla root.
  5. Innovate to mix all ingredients in right desired proportion to make your own jigarthanda vairant.

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