Roasted cereal flour eaten in ladakh.

Tsiri Kholak –  kholak with diluted Chaang in Zanskar valley
Shranphey – Boil peas, dry and ground them in flour along with Namphey or kholak and diluted with Chaang–
Sbangphey – Chaang residue kholak (Barley residue while making Chhang is dried and ground together with roasted barley. Add to butter tea / water and left overnight. Eaten in morning along with Snamthuk)
Chuu Kholak: Phey along with water (Phey is added to water /chuu in ladakhi with pinch of salt or sugar. Generally used by hunters or travellers
Cha Kholak: Phey along with tea (Brew green tea leaves with salt. Add phey – roasted barley /wheat/fox tail millet/peas flour to tea/cha.
Der Kholak – Phey along with butter milk (Derba in ladakhi)
Phemar Kholak – Sweet Kholak similar to sattu. Phey is added to salt tea with lump of butter. Add sugar as per choice. Generally served on special occassions as weddings
Chubtsos  – boil wheat grain till soft.  Strain and sund dry. Roast in big pan. Mix with equal portion of namphey (roasted barley grain flour). Add 8 tsp of mixture with 100 ml of tea with butter and sugar. Served on special occasions
Kushi Phey Kholak – Crused dried apple with namphey. Served during wedding and parties to celebrate baby’s first year
Chuli Phey Kholak – Powedered dried apricot with namphey


  • Barley(Tsampa/namphey) flour or
  • Foxtail millet (tse-tse phey) or
  • wheat flour (chop-tsos)


  1. Roast grains on clean sand bath till aromatic. Avoid burning.
  2. Sieve to remove sand particles.
  3. Grind to make fine powder (phey)
  4. Add liquid to desired consistency where it doesnt stick to fingers.
  5. Add butter if required.
  6. (8 tsp tsampa to 100 ml liquid)
  7. Serve with any drink/vegetable preparation

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